CRONOS premiered in 2021. Will be available on demand soon.

When a young man becomes a father he develops fearful hallucinations of a troubled past. In order to make right with his dark memories, he must go out and confront his long lost father.

Cronos is a mid-length film directed by Michael Middelkoop and part of 'Onze Straat', a 6 part anthology by BNNVARA/NTR/VPRO. The film will go in festival distribution in 2021 after a TV broadcast in Jannuary. 

Genre: Thriller
Year: 2021
Distribution: BNNVARA, NTR, VPRO
Producer: Family Affair Films
Direction: Michael Middelkoop
Screenplay: Moniek Kramer
Cast: Werner Kolf, Romana Vrede, Melody Klaver, Ernesto Hoost

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