Calliope Tsoupaki 'Meeting Point'


"Michael Middelkoop, a film director based out of Amsterdam, Netherlands, has presented a beautiful short dance film named Meeting Point. The short film focuses on Calliope Tsoupaki’s musical piece, which was written in connection to the current events surrounding COVID-19."
Our Culture Mag.

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Composer & Artist: Calliope Tsoupaki
Director: Michael Middelkoop
Production: HEAT
Dancer: Shay Latukolan
Producer: Luc de Kock
Assistance: Merle Keller
Director of Photography: Zeeger Verschuren
1st Assistant Camera: Maric Dam
Steady Cam: Jasper van Gheluwe
Editing: Maarten Ernest
Grading: Ruben Labree
Special thanks to: Cinesupply, Maene-Ypma

Client: Buma Culture x CISAC