Netflix & Chill

Short film

A satirical three-way date from hell featuring a guy, a girl and a tv screen.

Premiered in Competition at the Netherlands Film Festival 2017.
Featured on The Drum, HorrorFix, Dreadcentral, and more.

The film is currently screening at various festivals around the world and should premiere online at the end of 2018.

Selected Festivals
Netherlands Filmfestival 2017
Amsterdamned Film Festival 2017
Shortcutz Amsterdam 2017
Rotterdams Open Doek 2017
Ammehoela Festival 2018                                
GoShort Nijmegen 2018
Shortcutz Santa Catarina Brazil 2018
Deadcenter Filmfestival 2018 (US)
Der phantastische Trashfilm (DE)
Fantasia International Filmfestival (CAN)
Super Geek Film Festival (US)
Fantosfreak Int Short Film Festival (SP)
Hollywood Horrorfest (US)

Production: Umami Media/BNNVARA/3LAB